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Ovostar is a part of modern agricultural group Ovostar Union which is among five largest producers of eggs in Europe
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UAE: +971 48 844 181

E-mail: export@ovostar.ua

Ovostar products are being exported to more than 50 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.
OVOSTAR Limited is a part of the modern agricultural group Ovostar Union which is among five largest producers of eggs in Europe. The main advantage of our holding company is vertical business integration, that provides proper level of resources optimization, as well as the strictest quality control throughout all stages of manufacturing process. All production facilities are located in central Ukraine in close proximity to each other. High level of vertical integration enables cost and quality control at all stages of production process.

OVOSTAR egg processing plant is recognized as one of the leaders in Ukraine by the production volume. OVOSTAR plant processes more than 2 million eggs per day. All products undergo pasteurization, which provides total safety of the finished goods. The wide range of more than 20 egg products, as well as additional mixes with specific properties, meet the requirements of the leaders of Ukrainian and worldwide foodmanufacturing industries.
The OVOSTAR's expanding product portfolio includes:
Hen eggs are produced at two modern poultry farms with total capacity of more than 8 million bird places. Our poultry houses are equipped with enriched cages complying with European standards. Grading machines with three-stage detection system control the quality and cleanliness of the eggshell, additionally disinfect the eggs and precisely grade them by weight.
■ Liquid whole egg chilled/frozen

■ Liquid egg white chilled/frozen

■ Liquid egg yolk chilled/frozen

■ Heat stable liquid egg yolk chilled/frozen

■ Scrambled eggs mix

■ Tailor-made egg product mixes

■ Whole egg powder

■ Egg white powder albumen, HW, HG albumen

■ Egg yolk powder

■ Fermented heat stable egg yolk powder

Quality management and food safety control systems are implemented at both egg production and egg procesing facilities, ensuring strict compliance with international standards (ISO 9001:2015, FSSC22000 v.5, HALAL).