Voloshkove Pole is a group of companies, one of the largest Ukrainian dairy products manufacture and exporter
Phone number:
+380 67 517 77 40

Web-site: milkgroup.com.ua/en/

E-mail: export@milkgroup.com.ua

Contact persons:
Iryna Vikhtiuk
Export Director
+380 67 517-77-40
✉ direxport_md@voloshkovepole.com.ua

Olena Fursenko
Deputy Export Director
+380 50 314-35-14
✉ fursenko.md@voloshkovepole.com.ua

Company's Address: 60B Verhniy Val str., Ukraine, Kyiv, 04071
Dairy products of Voloshkove Pole are confirmed by numerous awards of Ukrainian and international contests
Our home is Ukraine, where "Voloshkove Pole" dairy company have been engaged in dairy husbandry and run dairy farming for several decades. We have formed our experience on the legacy of hundreds of farmers who had converted Ukraine into a country with a developed industry of dairy products.

Our own network of farming enterprises and milk collection points enable to monitor the quality of raw milk at all stages of production, starting from a cow. We are working for you to be your reliable partner in dairy business.

High quality standards and consummate taste of dairy products of Voloshkove Pole Dairy Company are confi rmed by numerous awards of Ukrainian and international contests. Our products are certifi ed by international quality standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, HACCP Codex Alimentarius (SGS Certifi cate), Halal, Kosher, and are free from preservatives and GMO, FDA сertificated.
UHT Milk
"Voloshkove Pole" dairy company is in the top
five largest producers of UHT milk in Ukraine.
Our UHT milk is manufactured of fresh milk.
New, technologically equipped, modern man-
ufacturing lines, as well as the knowledge
and skillful hands of highly trained process
engineers provide consistently high quality
of milk of our trademark.
Cheese and butter of "Voloshkove Pole" dairy company carry on cheese-making traditions, they are made of natural, environmentally friendly materials. To taste pasteurized "Kniazhyy" cheese made of the milk of the cows, having green grass in their daily diet of, is to taste a piece of the miracle. Its taste can be compared with the taste of childhood, which has the aroma of fresh baked milk. Cheese and butter of "Voloshkove Pole" dairy company are always "in the house where love lives".
To produce condensed milk of "Voloshkove
Pole" dairy company, we use only natural milk
and sugar. Over the years our products have
consistently received an "excellent" mark dur-
ing the external quality expertise and have
been the leader with highest quality standards
on Ukrainian market. Our condensed milk is
the BEST not only due to its wonderful taste,
but also because of the absence of preserva-
tives and other unwholesome additives.
Company's brands
PJSC Khmelnytska maslosyrbaza
PJSC Pervomayskiy MKK
PJSC Voloshkove Pole
Production technologies based on the use
of live lactic acid bacteria, vitamins and
natural supplements
Our technologies enable to produce
products of different fat status and packing formats, as required by customers,
including private label. The possibility to
manufacture the product under according
to individual formulation.
The product quality is also monitored by the State research and development centers for standardization, metrology and certifi cation, confi rming "Free from GMO" marking.