A manufacturer and supplier of ingredients for the food and non-food industry, which offer more than 40 types of products obtained by processing corn and wheat
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29a Elektrykiv str., Kyiv, 04176, Ukraine
INTERSTARCH covering the supply of more than 72 countries on all continents.
INTERSTARCH manufactures and supplies a wide range of food raw materials, obtained by processing corn and wheat. Having more than 50 years' experience, oar goal is to provide products — on time, within budget, and in accordance with the customer`s specification.

INTERSTARCH is approved supplier for leading multinational brands including Mondelez (Cadbury), PepsiCo, Nestle, ABInbev, Carlsberg etc. We deliver our products by rail, sea and road transport, covering the supply of more than 72 countries on all continents.

The main areas of usage are the production of food, animal feed, and industrial products. Interstarch products are regularly tested by production and independent laboratories to ensure stable quality and meet food safety requirements.
INTERSTARCH offers ingredients for food
native regular and waxy corn starches
dried syrups
native wheat starches
crystalline fructose
modified food starches
vital wheat gluten (VWG 82%)
gluten-free ingredients & baking mixes
glucose, glucose-fructose & high-malt-
ose syrups
crude, refined and deodorized corn oil
For animal feed INTERSTARCH offers:
  • corn gluten meal (CGM 65%);
  • corn gluten feed;
  • corn steep liquor
All products have non-GMO status and certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 22000 (HACCP), FSSC 22000 (GFSI compliant) and Halal. Systematic testing and audits conducted by production laboratories, as well as by independent experts, confirm that products meet high standards of quality and food safety.